Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mark gets surprised!

Marks work will often have BBQ days where all the people in the warehouse get together and bring food and they spend their lunch BBQing. Well, two weeks ago, Mark sent out the email saying it was time for another BBQ. This time, the office employees decided to get involved. Mark asked me if I wanted to come down and join in on the grub, so naturally when I hear about a free buffet of food, I am there! I got there around noon and there was hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, fruit, chips, dip, salad and other stuff I probably couldn't even see because of how full the table was. Anyways, we got done eating and were sitting inside at Marks desk when one of the warehouse employees told Mark to come back out cuz there was an accident. When he walked outside, there was a cake and a pile of presents waiting for him. Turns out, they turned Mark's BBQ into a Mark's surprise baby shower. It was so cute seeing Mark open all the gifts and asking what a onsie was. :-) Some of the employees got together and got us our bathtub, clothes, diapers, wipes and pacifiers. Vestal actually bought us our stroller and infant car seat....So COOL of them to do that! I have attached some pics....enjoy!