Monday, March 31, 2008

My baby turns 10!

Josh has finally reached his double digits! Seems like just yesterday he entered this world weighing in at 9lbs 11ozs. My parents wanted to see Josh for his bday since my mom was going to be out of town for his, I asked Josh...where do you want to go for your bday dinner? I explained to him that he can pick ANYWHERE he wants. Guess where he picked?!?! Soup Plantation! I was like...are you sure?! He said yup! Soup Plantation. So, we met my parents and my sister there to celebrate the big 1-0! I figured that would be as good as time as any to give Josh his bday presents from us... We decided to get him the Nintendo DS, which actually was good because everyone has gotten him games, accessories or gift cards for more games. Here are some pics from dinner...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who says it has to be real!!

So last weekend I went to Courtney's house (sister-in-law) for a purse party. They had Faux everything...Coach, Dooney, Marc Jacobs...etc. Well, I had found a really good deal on some brown Coach shoes at Macy's a while back and was now in the market for a matching Coach purse. As much as I love the real thing, I just don't wear these shoes enought to warrant spending $300 a a real Coach purse. Well, lo and behold...the second I walk in the door, I found the PERFECT purse!!! I have attached a pic for your viewing pleasure!!!! The pic with the shoes is the Foach (faux coach) and the other is the real Coach...not too much of a difference if you ask me...

Water Polo

Carlie started water polo yesterday! I was able to cath the last 15 minutes of practice and it looked VERY tiring. By the time I got there, it had already been over an hour since practice started. They were in the deep end (12 feet deep)and had been treading water the WHOLE time. I guess its called "doing the egg beater"...that is water polo talk for treading water. They were learning how to pass and dribble the ball so they opponent can't steal the ball away. All I have to say is Carlie is going to be one tough cookie after two months of water polo and one month of Junior Lifeguards, which starts immediately after water polo ends. I will keep everyone updated with Carlie's scrimmages. GOOOOO CARLIE!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Josh has ants!

For christmas, Grandma JoAnn and Papa Ken bought Josh a cool ant farm. Well, we had to send away for the ants, so on December 28th, I mailed off a check for the shipping and handling. The box said 6-8 weeks for delivery. Well, anxious Josh started asking to check the mail about a week later to see if his ants had arrived. I knew they weren't there, but we would always go check. About mid February, he started getting I told about I check bank account every day and when they cash my $4 check, then I know the ants will be on the way. So, he began asking me, almost daily, if I had check my account. FINALLY, on March 3rd, THEY CASHED THE CHECK. I couldn't WAIT to pick up Josh and tell him. I picked him up from Kids Klub and gave him the news...he was SO excited and wanted to check the mail as soon as we got home. He checked it every day that week, but no ants. I had to explain to him that since they cashed my check, that meant that they were probably packaging up the ants and then had to mail them. So, saturday, I go to check the mail and guess what was there.....ANTS. They came in a tube in a bubbled envelope. There were seriously about 20 HUGE ants in this little tube. So I ran in the house and Josh saw the look on my face and asked if I had good news and I showed him the envelope. He RAN upstairs and got his ant farm and as inpatiently as a 9 year old can be...he dumped the ants in. Mark, being the responsible one, asked if he had even read the directions. Of course Josh didn't, but I have to admit, I was just as excited to see the ants get to work. come to find out, we were supped to refrigerate the ants for about 15 minutes first, to calm them down, but oh well... The ants got to work pretty fast. It has been a week now....take a look at the cool pics. It is a gel ant farm!

FINALLLY - Brooke kicks her daddy!!!!!

For the last couple of weeks, Brooke has been kicking really hard, but unfortunately, not hard enough for Mark to feel her. Well, last night, we were laying in bed watching TV and Mark put his hand on my stomach for about 5 minutes. He kept saying..."was that it"? I was'll know! A few seconds later..."was that it"?'ll know! Then finally she really did kick and it was a nice and hard one too. Mark's eyes lit up as he knew...THAT WAS IT! I asked how he felt or what it felt like...he said "it felt like when my heart came out of my chest when I saw you for the first time!" Not really.....he actually said..."it kinda felt like a muscle spasm". Oh well, at least he felt her and I got to see that sparkle in his eye that only a new daddy can have.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Josh's FIRST game!!!

Last night was Josh's first baseball game of the Spring 08 season! He got to play some 1st base and outfield. He did great and looked super cute in his Dodger Blue uniform! I guess I a little biast towards the uniform since I was brought up a Dodger fan! :-) One of the parents even topped off the evening by bringin Hot dogs as the kids post-game snack. What a GREAT idea. I have snacks in April, so I am going to have to think of something to top that!

100% GIRL!!!!!!

On Monday, February 24th, Grandma JoAnn, Aunt Courtney, Sister Carlie, Brother Josh, Daddy and me all went to find out if the baby was a boy or a girl. My last ultrasound only gave us a 80% chance that it was a girl. As you know...I am a need-to-know kinda gal, so I had to verify the last 20% so I can go shopping!!! We went to a really nice place in Ladera Ranch called Show Me D Baby! The technician spent about an hour with us and we got to see "girl parts" in 3d, so there is NO's a GIRL! We also got a nice little video of her too! Let the shopping begin!!!! woo hoo!!!