Friday, August 22, 2008

Carlie's 13th bday

On Carlie's actual birthday, August 8th, we had family come over to celebrate the big day. At her request, we had chinese food for dinner and a yummy ice cream cake for dessert. The next day, was her party with her friends (this year Carlie wanted family and friends on a different day). She wanted to go to the beach and have pizza and smores. We surprised Carlie and had the Vestal bus pick everyone up! She was stoked! Mark went to the beach earlier in the day to try and reserve some pits, but unfortunately, all the pits at the beach were taken, so we had to do the smores at home. But the kids all went in the water..CRAZY...and has pizza on the beach. They ended up back in the bus, just because it was super cool!

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