Tuesday, February 12, 2008

....and the house search continues!

So now that little Brooke is on the way, we have been thinking about the space, or lack thereof, in our condo. We have been looking at a few houses here and there hoping to find a nice four bedroom OR three bedroom plus den. It is pretty crazy what people considered a den these days. My parents house has a den and it has four walls with a door! Not these places... So Saturday we looked at a four bedroom...perfect size, perfect location, not so perfect price. Upon Mark's approval, I emailed the landlord and made him an offer. I offered him $350 less than his asking price in hopes that he might bite since there are several 4 bedrooms sitting vacant in Irvine right now. I told him what great tenants we are and would be, naturally. Well, all day goes by yesterday and all day goes by today and no word. Being the impatient pregnant woman I am, I decide to call him around 4:30pm. He answered and I told him I was following up to an email I sent yesterday...he says, "okay". I said...we are the ones that viewed the property on saturday. He said "is this the $2500 offer?" I said yes it is! He replied with a harsh, nope, not interested! RUDE!! How about a nice reply to my email that I sent YESTERDAY!!??!? Or how about a nice.....let me give it some more thought or see if I don't get any other offers on it?? You better believe that I am keeping an eye on this property and if it is still vacant in March...I am sending an email saying "how does my $2500 look now buddy?" ...so, onto the next property!

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