Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Downstairs Bathroom

So this past friday night, I was peeing for about the 10th time that day and I happened to glance at the wall and I saw a slight tear in our wallpaper. Most of you reading this know that we had hideous wallpaper in our downstairs bathroom and had every intension of tearing it out years ago, but then everyone that came over started signing it so it has stayed up....well, until Friday that is. Anwyays I see this tear and have to give it a little tug. Lo and behold....a WHOLE strip comes off. So I keep tearing and pulling and tearing and pulling. Meanwhile, Mark is out walking the dog and has no idea what he is going to come home to. I had close to half a wall torn down by the time Mark got back from his walk. He walked in the door and said "Well, I know what I am doing this weekend!" Unfortunately, the wall paper wasn't coming off completely, only the top layer was. So two trips to Home Depot, a few grunts and moans from Mark and $200 later, the wall paper is all off it there are only some minor touch ups left to do. Oh yah, and most importantly, hopefully tomorrow, we can bring the toilet back in from the patio. Can we say GHETTO? Poor Mark will have his evenings back soon as he has been doing all the work because A) the bathroom is too small for two people to work in and B) he doesn't want me (and Brooke) smelling the fumes. Isn't he the best!?!

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