Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to work...

It's been a while since I have blogged, but I have a really good reason. I started back to work on October 6th...after being off work for 4 months. I have been very busy at work and at the same time, I am trying to adjust to packing diaper bags, bottles, toys, etc.

BROOKE UPDATE-Things were rough the first week. Brooke wasn't wanting the bottle. She was only drinking a couple of ounces at each feeding. Monday and Tuesday my mom was over at our house, so that was probably easier for Brooke...being in her own home. However, Wednesday, Brooke went to Auntie Debby's house (Aprils Mom). She wouldn't take the bottle at all, so she only ate in the morning, then at lunch when I came over to feed her then not again until 6pm. She was crying...eyes puffy and all. I felt horrible. Poor Debby tried everything. Finally, we are at our third week and Brooke is taking the bottle a LOT better. She is sucking down 4 ounces out of the bottle. YAY! I am still pumping at work, thanks to our "pumping" room I have at work. Its a small room with a refrigerator, sink and comfy chair in it. It is specifically for nursing mothers. I am hoping to keep this up for quite a while, so we will see.

JOSH UPDATE-Since I have been back at work, Josh has started riding his bike to school. It is 2.1 miles from the house. We did a handful of test runs with him to make sure he knew the route really well. Mark also bought him a rack for his bike so he can take his instrument (trumpet) on music days (Mondays and Thursdays). So far, Josh is doing great. He hasn't gotten lost and has been ontime every day. We are super proud of him for handling this huge responsibility so well. Also, Josh's soccer team is doing really well. They are currently in 3rd place. They have a game tomorrow which will determine if they can keep exciting!!!

CARLIE UPDATE-Nothing is really too new with Carlie. She is still in soccer and her team is doing pretty well. They are currently in 5th place. However, Carlie, herself, has done excellent. She has scored a handful of goals. She has really improved in the three seasons she has played. She is very aggressive and makes the game exciting!

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