Friday, October 24, 2008


My work decided to participate in the October's Mud Run at Camp Pendalton. I signed up earlier in the year, while I was still pregnant. I figured I would have the baby late june/early july, recover for 6 weeks, then train for 2 months. Well, I had the baby, but the training never happened. I must say...October 18th snuck up VERY fast. The mud run is a 10k and considering I still get winded going up my stairs...I was scared! On the morning of the 18th, I woke up at 5:00am and fed Brooke...poor baby wasn't ready to wake up yet. Then we picked up April at 5:45am and off we went to meet the rest of the gang in Aliso Viejo. We met at 6am at Starbucks then followed each other to Camp Pendalton. We arrived around 7am and had to park in this huge parking lot and then take a bus up to the race area. I managed to get another quick feeding in for Brooke before the race started. At around 8:50am, I was at the starting line waiting to embark on this dreadful run. They had music blasting and there were about 4,000 people running. At that point, my only goal was to finish the race within the 2 hour and 45 minutes time they alloted. Finally the race began and all these people started running, well, there were so many, that everyone was walking. Eventaully the crowd started spreading out as all the crazies sprinted ahead. The first thing we got to experience was a fire hose spraying us all down. This would have been something I welcomed at mile 4, but considering I had only ran about 50 yards, it was pretty miserable. The water was FREEZING! And it wasn't a light spray kinda hurt. They proceeded to spray us all down another 3 times within the first mile. It pretty much sucked. Then we had to go through a little river crossing. My feet were completely under water. By this time, I am tired and trying to figure out why in the heck I am doing this. You could imagine how I felt when this 70 year old man in a full white suit and tie went jogging past me. I figured I am here and worst case scenerio is that I do this for 2 hours and 45 minutes. So I kept going. There were some up hills that I walked. I found it hilarious that some of these crazies go flying past me as if there was a million dollars at the finish line and then a few yards down the road, there they are, off to the side walking and trying to catch their breath. Then they sprint off again, then stop to catch their breath. I am pretty sure I had a much more enjoyable time than they did and yet we finished at the same time. IDIOTS! Anyways, after going over two 5 foot walls, through tires, a muddy tunnel, army crawling through a mud pit and running up a steap hill as they shot water down the hill...I finally finished. Total time - One hour and fifty five minutes! WOO HOO! Key word...FINISHED! I will definately do this again next year...except this time I am going to actually train!

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