Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We had a fun halloween, however, it was a very busy one. We all dressed up this year. My work had a costume contest...I won third place! WOO HOO! Mark had a pizza eating contest...he didn't win, but came very close. His Pizza Roll Method didn't quite work as he had hoped. Mark dressed as Duane Peters (google him), I went as a nun, Carlie went as a baseball head, Josh went as a scary biker dude and Brooke was a skeleton. I took some pics, however, Carlie didn't keep her costume on long enough to get a pic of her. Also, Josh got really hot in his and ended up in his old costume, so the pic you see is of his last year's costume. After my work party, we went trick or treating at The Landing (by our house) with April (Troy Palamalu), Camryn (Cowgirl), Brett (Scary Pervy Guy), Bretty (Scream), Maddie (Scarecrow), Christian (Scary dude) and Maddy (Baseball head). That place is CRAZY! You can't even drive down the streets...it is SO crowded. But it definitly makes for a fun Halloween.

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