Friday, November 7, 2008


Mark and I have been looking for a new place for the last 8-9 months....not aggressively, but still looking. We love were we live, but we new we would need more room for Brooke. I would say we have looked at about 20 houses. Our hopes were to stay in Woodbridge, but alot of the houses in our price range were out of our area. However, on Wednesday, I did my usual check on Craigslist and typed "Woodbridge" in the search. Well, a place popped up...3+den. It was perfect! I immediately emailed the landlord with the usual it still you take a much is the security deposit! She responded fairly quickly and favorably. Before you knew it, we had an appointment to check it out. Everything looked great! Thursday we took the kids to see it and fill out the application. Now, here we are Friday evening, only three days later, and I am happy to say that everything is approved and we have officially given our 30 day notice! Now that hard part begins.....packing and moving! Do I hear moving party? Here are some pics!

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