Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mark mentally prepares for next year's Traverse Bike Race

This past Saturday was the Traverse Bike Race. It is a 45 mile mide with about 8,500feet of elevation gain. Marks friend and my dad's co-worker, Caffrey, did the race on his single speed. Mark didn't feel he was quite ready to do the whole ride, so he went on his own and met Caffrey at the top. The place where the pictures were taken was only about 8 miles in. Caffrey still had about another 37 miles to go. YUK...and NO THANKS!! Mark is pretty sure he is going to be entering this race next year. Caffrey ended up finishing first in his age group and he was also the first Single Speed rider to cross the finish line. Next year....Mark will give him a run for his money and my dad will REALLY have something to bet on!!

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