Friday, February 6, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

Last weekend was the Super Bowl. Originally, I was just going to watch it for the fn comercials. However, since the Steelers made it, April insisted on having a party. Well, you all know how I love having people over, so we decided to have it at our house.
I was really looking forward to this game sine 1) The AZ Cardinals were in it (I have lots of family living there) and 2)I have really been school'd on the Steelers this past year (thanks to April). It suddenly dawned on me that I had to figure out who to root for! Was it the Cardinals since my family lives there or was it the Steelers cuz one of my BFF's is from there and I know alot about them. I went back and forth, but have to say that my final decision came pretty easy when Mike (ex-husband) told me who he was for. As you can tell by the pictures below...I went with the Steelers. :-) At first I felt a little guilty, but then I realized 1) My family isn't FROM AZ, they are from Calif. 2) I did't want to be a Band-Wagoner (someone who roots for a team only because they think they are going to win and in reality they know nothing about the team - those people are the worst) 3) I can safely say I can name multiple players for the Steelers and actually got to wear authentic gear (not a T-shirt I picked up at Albertsons that was manufacutred in China the day they announced who was going to the Super bowl).
The game turned out to be a GREAT game. We had a handful of people over and an overload of junk food.

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