Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Wall Additions

About a month ago, I was on the hunt for letters to spell out Brooke's name. I was thinking I was going to get Espresso colored ones and hang them with pink ribbon. Well, April and I were leaving Babies R Us and I was telling her about my ideas. She was like "I think Babies R Us has some". So, we turned around and went back into the store.... She was right!!! They had the perfect letters....White with pink and brown polk a dots! I brought them home and was very very excited to show Mark. He, however, not too excited since he was going to have the fun task of hanging them. Well, after a month of waiting, Mark finally hung the letters this past weekend. Bless his heart because the holes on the back of the letters were not even, so the leveler was absolutely useless. Each hole for each letter was at a different place. Not to mention the fact that I wanted them staggered and not straight across! Due to Mark's greatness and patience, he got the job done! On top of the letters, I brought home some metal sculpture thing to hang in our dining room. He equally hated that. It had those holes the go into smaller holes on both sides of the frame. NOTE TO FAMILY - Mark needs THIS.

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