Thursday, March 13, 2008

FINALLLY - Brooke kicks her daddy!!!!!

For the last couple of weeks, Brooke has been kicking really hard, but unfortunately, not hard enough for Mark to feel her. Well, last night, we were laying in bed watching TV and Mark put his hand on my stomach for about 5 minutes. He kept saying..."was that it"? I was'll know! A few seconds later..."was that it"?'ll know! Then finally she really did kick and it was a nice and hard one too. Mark's eyes lit up as he knew...THAT WAS IT! I asked how he felt or what it felt like...he said "it felt like when my heart came out of my chest when I saw you for the first time!" Not really.....he actually said..."it kinda felt like a muscle spasm". Oh well, at least he felt her and I got to see that sparkle in his eye that only a new daddy can have.

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