Sunday, September 21, 2008

A few very important firsts for Miss Brooke!

First First!
On September 11th, Brooke laughed for the very first time. I was in the process of changing her diaper and she was on her changing table. I grabbed her little hands and made her clap and she let out the most hearty laugh! It was one of the most precious moments ever. I actually teard up!

Second First!
..again, on September 11th, Brooke slept through the night! She slept about 7 hours straight in her crib. It was so nice to sleep that long, however, I was a tad uncomfortable when I woke up....if you know what I mean (aka I needed to nurse her STAT)

Third First!
Brooke caught her first cold. We started to notice it on Tuesday night, the 16th. She caught a runny nose. Poor baby couldn't breathe from her nose. I read that in the first 6 months of life, babies don't know how to breathe from their mouth, so its instinct to try and breathe through their nose. Well, since she was stuffy, this was very difficult for her. It was also difficult for her to eat. I was heart broken. I called her doctor and got the okay to give her Little Noses drops which is saline drops. After applying the drops, I had to get the nose sucker thing and suck out all the snot. Sometimes the snot was so long, it would make her gag when I was sucking it out. I know...TMI. We also got a humidifier for our room. The last purchase was a Wedge Pillow. We put this under her crib mattress so she can sleep at an upright position so it's easier for her to breathe. I would wake up to check on her in the middle of the night and she would be at the bottom of the mattress all curled up because she would slide down. It was actually kind of funny. 5 days later, she is doing alot better! She has that post nasal drip cough thing going on, but that is a sign that the end of the cold is near!

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