Monday, September 8, 2008

Got Soccer?

This past Saturday, both Carlie and Josh had their first soccer games. Josh's was at 9:15 and Carlie's was at 12:30. It was a very hot 90 degree day. Josh's team won! Carlie got to play goalie and had a few great saves. She was also voted team captain. This is great considering she just moved up a division and is now one of the youngest on her team. She played very aggressive and had a few shoves and pushes in there. Josh also did great...he hasn't played since he was about 5 years old, so he is having to learn the game all over again. He was definatley hustling during his game. Great job to both of them! Here are some pics, however, unfortunately, I forgot the camera for Josh's game (I know, horrible mom) but I remembered it for Carlie's game. I will bring the camera and take pics this saturday for sure!

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