Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Arizona / Grandpas B-day

The day after Thanksgiving, we all hopped in our car and headed for Peoria, Arizona. We were all meeting up there to celebrate my Grandpas birthday as well as celebrate an early Christmas with all the kids. We left at 5:00am... We got to view a beautiful sunrise.

We made great time and arrived in just under 6 hours. Brooke slept most of the way up.

We arrived at our hotel, unpacked and then went to my Aunt Lori's and Uncle Dan's for some grub. Brooke enjoyed posing next to my Uncle's latest kills. (don't worry...he eats them, as you'll learn later on)

Later that evening, we went and visited Mark's cousins in Gilbert. Brooke got to meet her cousins for the first time. Carlie and Josh enjoyed playing with them.

The next day, we all went to my Aunt Becky's for my grandpas birthday party.

After the family's attempt at singing Happy Birthday....

.....we let all the kids go crazy with their presents.

The opening of the presents wore Brooke out...

For lunch we enjoyed some tasty burgers and hot dogs. I had the hot dogs, while Mark and Carlie had a burger. Carlie later learned that the burgers were made from the Elk that my uncle had just killed. She won't admit it, but I know she liked it. Mark said they were just really spicy.

The next day came very quickly and it was time to go home. We all met at the Cracker Barrel and had some great breakfast before we hit the rode.

The drive was going great until shortly after crossing the California border...that is when traffic came to a hault.

Luckily Brooke slept alot.

All in all, it took us 11 hours to get home. Carlie entertained us though...

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