Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moss Adams 2008 Holiday Party

The night of December 20th, was my works holiday party.

It was held at the Palms which is affiliated with the Island Hotel in Newport Beach.

We had excellent food, accompanied by an open bar. They had raffles (I didn't win) as well as a dress the santa contest (I, again, didn't win).

I had everyone determine who was the employee at the table who had been with the company the longest. I had them stand and that was who had the honor of being dressed up as Santa. Here is my tables Santa....

I also had another game called "Guess the Partner". Over the weeks leading up to the party, I had contacted several of the partners spouses and had them send me a baby picture of the partner. I had them blown up and everyone had some time to view the pictures and make a guess at who they were. I then called up the partners and had them stand by their picture to reveal who belonged to which picture. It was very cute...

I had the priveledge of MCing part of the night.

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