Friday, January 16, 2009

New Carpet + Dining Room Mirror = Happy Leanne

When we leased our house, we were really excited that there was tile through the whole downstairs. This meant, no fruit punch stains, no coke stains, no mud stains, etc. However, this also meant, no crawling or sitting on the floor for Brooke. So, we started looking for 10x12 rugs. We began to realize that rugs of that size cost around $1,000 plus. Absolutely rediculous. THEN, I spoke with a co-worker of mine, Orion, who was previously in the same situation as us. He went to Lowes and ordered actual carpet and padding and had it bound up to look like a rug. Orion said it was FAR less expensive doing it this way. So, off we headed to Lowes. He was right....we found some great carpet and padding! We ordered it and sent it off to be bound and even ordered an extra 5x8 piece for under our kitchen table. Total cost $405. It took Mark 2 1/2 hours from the time he left the house to pick up the carpet to the time the carpet was laid out, taped down and padding cut. It is SO nice to be able to put Brooke down in the living room now. Even Josh enjoys laying on it while he plays his video games.

In addition to the carpet, we also purchased a ginormous mirror for our dining room. We went to the Orange County swap meet and found the perfect one. We found alot of other nice things, but of all was 90 degrees, so we left. I can't wait to go back!

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