Monday, April 6, 2009

9 month check up - CHECK!

Today was Brooke's 9 month check up. Grandma JoAnn, me and daddy took her. Fortunately, she only needed a Hepetitis shot and an Anemia test today. Her doctor said she is very strong and very active. She also said that she has got a GREAT personality and will probably be an actress. :) Maybe she will suport mommy and daddy! Everything is going great with Brooke. She is obviously healthy. We are, however, getting referred to the Pediatric Eye Doctor. Brooke's bottom eye lashes are growing straight up, instead of out, which is causing them to stick to her eye alot. Mostly when they are wet, but enough to get them checked out. I actually had to have surgery on my eyes when I was one. My eye lashes did the same thing. I am hoping that this won't be the case for Brooke, but we will find out soon. So...with all that, I shall leave you with Brooke's stats:

Weight - 21 lbs. 84%
Height - 27 inches 30%

The doctor said that Brooke is a "Petite Ball".

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Jenjenbug said...

She almost weighs as much as Gavin, he's about 25 pounds, but such a cutie with those chubby cheeks!