Thursday, April 30, 2009

Donate Life Walk

On Saturday morning, my work participated in the Donate Life Walk. Last year, I volunteered at the registration booth because I was too pregnant to do the walk/run, however, this year, Mark and I did the run. It was a 5l (3.2 miles). I pushed Brooke in the jog stroller and she loved it....she actually fell asleep for the last mile. Mark ran it in 30 minutes, Brooke and I did it in 42 minutes. :-) It was very hard to see all the pictures of the people that lost their lives, yet, it was somewhat comforting to know that their organs were donated to help someone else survive. All of the families that lost loved ones had their loved ones pictures on the back of their shirts.....some where even babies. :( My work was the primary sponsor of this event, so we got some great advertising. Stacie, Alex and the kids also participated in the 5k. :)

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