Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Bang Friday

Friday afternoon, as the office was emptying out for the day (around 4ish) Roger, my managing partner, came by and asked if I wanted Angel tickets. I was like....HECK YES I DO! He told me it was firework night. So...I got even more excited because #1, Brooke has never been to a game #2, Brooke has never seen fireworks and #3 I had Carlie and Josh that night, so this would make a fun family night. Well, he handed me the tickets and WHOA....they were our firm seats, which is front row behind home plate! $150 a piece! WITH DIAMOND PARKING! So, after work, we went home, ate some Mc Donalds and headed off to the game. We got there in the second inning. We figured if we got there later, Brooke would last later....I really, really wanted her to see the fireworks. :-) The game wasn't that great....Angels lost....BIG TIME. But it was a great experience. Here are the pics...

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