Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I swear..this is the final post about our busy weekend...promise!

Mark got to work this weekend, in between all the other chaos going on, and managed to put together Brooke's crib. It matches our furniture PERFECTLY! I also washed all her clothes, bedding, blankets, burb cloths and washcloths. Her "corner" is somewhat put together. We are waiting for the changing table to be delivered and then I can finish putting stuff away and she will be all set! To Mark's joy and despite what he has been told, the crib was pretty easy to set up. With everything coming together, it is beggining to seem all too real that Brooke will be gracing us with her presence in four weeks or less! I, personally, am shooting for 2 weeks. All this moving around and buying and setting up new things, only to move in a few months or so. The house hunt is a whole other blog, but I won't bore you with that right now...

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seenickydance said...

The crib totally matches your bed! :-) How did I know you would make sure of that. Love ya!