Monday, June 30, 2008

Can we say.....STUBBORN!

Yes, I am blogging today. Yes, I am still pregnant. Yes, I seriously thought Brooke would be here by now. Yes, I was VERY wrong!

I had my doctors appointment today and the doctor was as surprised as I was to see me there in his office. He was pretty sure she would be here by now. As a recap, on June 3rd, I was dilated to 2cm. On June 10th, I was dilated to 3cm. On June 18th and 23rd, I was STILL dilated to 3cm. However, today...I am at about 4cm. ***please note*** if I were to be in the hospital, 4cm is the minimum of when they will allow the epidural. :-) So, this is actually a good thing in disguise. more waiting around for little miss Brooke...we have decided to get induced on Thursday morning. We have an appointment at 7am. We have to start calling in at 5am to make sure that other women haven't flooded the maternity ward. We could end up going in at noon, but either way...I will NOT be pregnant by this weekend and we will finally be able to meet our little love. :-) I will do my best to push her out before the 4th of July. Not that it will be a bad thing, but it would be nice to not have her bday on a holiday.

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