Monday, June 23, 2008 maybe it will be the 28th!

We went to our 39 week and 3 day doctor visit today. I was hoping for at LEAST another centimeter dilated. Well, no such luck. We are still at 3 centimeters dilated, 80% efaced and Brooke is at the -1 station. BOOOOOO!!! The doctor did scratch my membranes, which pretty much meant "tried to losen the plug" a bit. He said that will sometimes push a woman into labor within 24 hours. However, here I sit, at our computer desk almost 7 hours later and I seem to have less contractions than before he did that. He did say that at our next appointment he will be more agressive...whatever that means! I really hope I don't make it til my next appointment, but I suppose that is up to Brooke and my uterus. I keep telling myself, the more time she takes to come out, the more time I have off work, so that is a plus.

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