Monday, June 23, 2008

Junior Lifeguards

The kids started Junior Lifeguards today. They got picked up at 8:15 this morning and got dropped back off around 3:45. What a long day! You would think they would be tired after all that, but not our kids. They wanted to go outside and play afterwards. Josh remains in the C group, which is all the kids his age and the group he was in last year. Carlie had a choice of remaning in the B group, which she was in last year, or moving up to the A group, which are all the Junior Lifeguard Aids. She chose to move up and said it is a LOT harder, but worth it. They do a lot more running than she ever did in the B group. Carlie got to go body boarding today too and said the waves were super big. I am hoping I can make it out there to watch them soon, but that all depends on little Miss Brooke.

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